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Shop Hunting Tuesdays - 13/05/2014

Gutav by Mert Gutav   |

Mert is a 26-year-old multi-disciplinary art director & user interface designer from Istanbul. He has big passion about creating useful and beautiful stuff while learning new things and improving his skills. He collaborate with clients to determine user needs, requirements and goals for designing positive user experiences and interfaces for both web and mobile applications/sites. After all, users are your biggest stakeholders.

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by Johnny Hermann

Mauro Savoldi - “Johnny Hermann is the alter-ego of the craftsman and designer Mauro Savoldi from Milan. He re-creates the vibrant, colorful magic of summer ices in objects of minimal design, recalling one of the sweetest and most nostalgic treasures of our past. The original popsicle was invented by an 11-year-old boy in San Francisco in 1905 – and by a strange coincidence it was piece of wood that made the whole story possible! 
Childhood memories and fresh emotions are fused in the shape and materials of these creations.” 

At the third oak, the time will be… carpenter carves functioning watches entirely from wood (Dailymail)

he decided to incorporate this effect in his works, without actually using real cloth, but rather making it himself out of painted and laminated wood. My mind is officially blown…

Would You Believe These Realistic Sculptures Are Made Exclusively from Wood?


Braun G 12 (Valvo chassis) // Das Programm

Oh fuck ♥


Braun G 12 (Valvo chassis) // Das Programm

Oh fuck ♥